You've spent years building and grow ing your business. Let us help you prepare to transition lead ership, control and ownership. And leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

  • Transformation Leadership Skills
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Finance & Accounting Concepts for Managers
  • Systems Thinking Approach to Management
  • Strategic Mindset Thinking
  • Business Model Generation
  • Working with Professional Teams
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management

  • Leadership Assessment Debriefing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Communications
  • Successful Work Teams
  • Organizational Behavior & Family Business Dynamics
  • Succession and Transition Planning
  • Talent Management & Generational Differences
  • Change Leadership Model

Session Topics Will Include:
  • Methods for Driving Change
  • Critical Thinking/ Problem-solving Skills

  • A Strategic Mindset

  • Individual Peer Network
  • Abundant Business Resources/ References

What Your Participants Will Gain:
  • Transformative Leadership Skills
  • Organizational Behavior/ Family Business Dynamics & Strategies
  • Awareness/ Strategies for Addressing Generational Difference in the Workplace and in Generational Transitions
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Important Business Concepts

A program for those with less than three years' experience working for a family business, The Leadership Fundamentals Program meets seven times over a 12-month period in an interactive and engaging environment; participants learn from speakers, assessment tools, recommended readings and case studies, and through small group discussions. The program also consists of online work between in-person sessions. By utilizing a team of diverse academic and business professionals, The Leadership Fundamentals Program delivers a dynamic, practical and integrated curriculum that offers participants a functional and applied learning approach that is relevant to leaders of today. And Tomorrow.

The need exists for a program that addresses leadership readiness for tomorrow's business leaders.

  • The current generation lacks the skills or timing tools to transition leadership.

  • The upcoming generation of leaders is not prepared to transition or lead.

  • The business model is stagnant, and the competition is surging ahead.

  • Family dynamics reflect the company's hierarchy, which is not always conducive to the company's needs. 

Did you know...

Less than 1/3 of family-owned businesses survive the transition from first to second generation? And another 50% of those businesses don't survive from second to third generation? Why is this?

Leadership Fundamentals Program